Appoint Di Liberto To 4J Board

When I was teaching full time, I worked alongside Tom Di Liberto at the middle school level. Di Liberto was a leader in all respects — meaning he took on responsibility — for many things inside and outside his classroom. He is not the kind of person who waits to be assigned tasks. He just naturally acts responsibly on behalf of others. A man of service.

This quality, along with his 30-plus years of full time teaching, make him a valuable asset as a school board member. 

Having come from teaching in California in a district that had a very hostile relationship between the board and the teachers union, I was immediately impressed with Di Liberto’s role in the teachers union, Eugene Education Association. Respectful, competent, reliable, trustworthy and collaborative. Excellent. All essential to get the job done. The board would be crazy not to appoint Di Liberto to one of the recently vacated seats on the Eugene School Board.

Sue Kilber