HB 2001 Hurts Homeowners

I’m worried about HB 2001, for myself and others living in R-1, supposedly protected neighborhoods. It took my wife and me 60 years to realize our dream of owning our own home. We worked hard for it.

The new zoning change, if implemented, takes the carpet out from under homeowners who carefully invested in their homes. 

We bought our home feeling our investment was safe and secure. We also invested money in new flooring, a new heating system, new electrical wiring, improved the bath and kitchen, painted inside and out and added new double-pane windows plus many more improvements. We understood that these improvements would increase the value of our investment.

It was our intention to use any increase in value for future medical and nursing home costs. That appreciation, the very reason we bought the home, may not occur if there is a drastic disruption in zoning laws.

I do not want a duplex or a multiplex next to my home. Many years ago I was a residential appraiser. A multiplex next to a single family home lowered its value. I’m not saying that all renters are careless, but they are not invested, so they have no incentive to care for the property.

Now comes the HB 2001 law that threatens my long term investment, and my life long dream of owning a home in a compatible neighborhood. Somehow this is not right. 

Joe R. Blakely


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