Why No Discussion About Armitage Park?

On Tuesday, April 12, there was a public meeting with Lane County Parks. Only a handful of the public attended, while there were at least eight staff members present. The meeting was to “discuss” the plans for expanding the campground at Armitage Park. The majority of the time was spent on the presentation, and we were told what a thoughtful plan this was. While they claimed they wanted feedback, they were not prepared to answer questions, and one of the staff members actually stifled feedback.

Armitage Park is a gem of a park, but it is also a small park. Why are campground spaces being prioritized that will primarily serve non-county residents over preserving the open space in the park? The county staff acknowledged that the additional 21 spaces will not even begin to meet the demand for campground spaces. There are many magnificent old trees in the park, and a huge area of the park will be under asphalt and concrete if this plan goes through. It is dependent on funding, but why is there no discussion about why this option is being pushed through and if it is the best choice for this park and the community?

Nancy Almand