Vote For Reproductive Freedom

Anti-abortion politicians have negative ripple effects on our society when they take away a person’s reproductive freedom. They expose their hypocrisy by forcing people to have children while opposing things like sex education, affordable child care, paid leave, health care and affordable housing. In many states, politicians are passing cruel abortion bans with no public discussion or input.

Fortunately, we live in Oregon, a state that trusts people to make their own personal medical decisions about their pregnancy and their future. But all of that can change with a single election, which is why I’m voting for candidates who strongly support reproductive freedom. The right to abortion is on the line like never before — up and down the ballot — and Oregonians have the power to send a clear message on May 17: You need to defend our rights, or you will lose your job.

I’m particularly excited to vote for Christina Stephenson to oversee the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries. As the chief elected official protecting Oregonians’ civil rights and enforcing our state’s nondiscrimination laws, the labor commissioner is given the task of protecting us from workplace bias and making sure everyone is treated equally on the job, so we need a leader who believes in gender justice for all.

I’m also voting for Tina Kotek for governor, Val Hoyle for congress, Floyd Prozanski for state senate and Paul Holvey for state representative. Now more than ever, please join me in voting for candidates who believe in reproductive freedom.

Kelly Lyon


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