What’s In A Name

Eugene deserves a more suitable name. I have a few modest suggestions:

• “Boulder,” after the truckloads of expensive boulders dumped around Eugene to punish those forced to sleep outside, while small-property owners subsidize out-of-state, out-of-country or local millionaire developers.

• “Clearcut,” in honor of the trees sacrificed for Phil’s vanities, the EWEB forest, and the 138 or so towering trees to be taken out for the Em(pty)X and unaffordable apartments sprouting up between “racist” single-family homes on “corridors” like River Road.

• Maybe “Laughing Stock,” because you can hear the billionaires laughing all the way from Davos over the success of their lobbying and marketing firms who cooked up HB2001 under a banner of fighting racism, nimbyism and whatever smear they could use against BLM to incite a race war.

What, too, is laughable are the antics of those who reside in City Hall: the mayor and City Council. Oh wait, we don’t have a city hall! Everything’s run by the city manager and planning department and then rubber stamped by council.

Actually, Eugene is to be renamed “Bankrupt,” for that is the end game of the policies where every governing office and agency has been captured by the global billionaires under cover of giant corporations contracted to run everything. These corporate persons will take (privatize) our water, utilities, transportation, schools, parks, homes, cash, privacy and what’s left of the commons. 

Don’t vote for Republicrats; write in your un-captured candidate! Decolonize your mind.

Krista Rojas