Not So Fast On Rezoning

Why are so many Eugene neighbors concerned about the Middle Housing Code Amendments proposed by the City Planning Department? The simple answer is that city planners have gone far beyond the requirements of state law (HB 2001) to benefit developers at the expense of Eugene residents.

The state law already requires that multiplexes be allowed on all single-family lots. But city planners want to go further. They propose to double the density beyond what is required, increase allowable building heights to three stories (42 feet), expand lot coverage so that buildings can cover the entire development site, eliminate off-street parking requirements and allow units to be as large as can fit onto the lot.

This will allow giant three-story monsterplexes occupying the full lot, towering over neighbors’ homes, consuming all the on-street parking for the entire block, and eliminating all the trees and greenspace on the site.

There are no requirements that any of these multiplexes be affordable and there is nothing to prevent them from becoming short term rentals (Airbnbs) that won’t contribute to our needed housing supply.

The supporters of this radical re-zoning plan are mostly those who will personally profit by exploiting our neighborhoods: wealthy developers and their buddies in real estate and design.

Let the Mayor and City Council know you want Eugene to initially adopt only the minimum requirements to comply with state law by the June 30 deadline. Additional incentives can be added later that will have clear affordable housing criteria.

Eben Fodor


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