Nothing After 1788 Is A Right?

The horror is not that the document was leaked. The horror is not even just the striking down of Roe v. Wade. The real horror is that the argument that Justice Samuel Alito is painstakingly documenting is that this was not a right even mentioned by the founders, so it is not a national right.

Well, my friends, using this argument, same-sex marriage is not a right. Interracial marriage is not a right. Women voting is not a right. Heck, laws against slavery are not even a right. This is so much worse than just Roe v. Wade. Under this logic, Brown v. Board of Education is not a right. Title IX is not a right. Social Security and Medicare are not a right. We need to vote as if our lives depend upon it, because our own lives and the life of this country are at stake.

Linda Finley