… Or Join Us In The Kitchen For Tasty Fried Chicken

Hey, Don Richey (“November is Coming,” Letters, 5/5): Those things you listed as egregious that need pushing back against are what the normal majority call reality and progress. Just read actual history and you will see that people always move forward. Even conservatives don’t want to go back to outhouses, coal fired furnaces, steam ship travel; they like modernity, just like us liberals. Have you noticed any conservatives giving up their Social Security, Medicare, health care, unemployment checks? Is our meat USDA approved? Are there numerous national parks for us to travel to? I could go on and on.

No, what we are going to see in November is a pushout of people who traffic in conspiracies, gossip, rumors and obvious lies. Those people are not moving us all forward; they are, instead, dividing us as a society, causing mistrust and stress.

 I know why conservatives are malcontents: Because their backward looking ideas suck and the only thing they can use to get votes is fear of change. Fear, conspiracies, rumors and lies don’t bring “Equity to the picnic” (whatever that means). Workable ideas for the good of us all — truth, logic and compassion, along with tasty fried chicken/potato salad, are what make for a successful picnic. And progress in our society.

So, Don, get your paper plate and join the majority before all the good eats are gone and you’re left whining in the rain, as usual.

Annie Kayner


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