Pandemic Pandemonium by Asante Riverwind.

Visions & Dreams — Nature & Spirit

Asante Riverwind has been an activist for decades on social and ecological issues, and he has often expressed himself on these issues through music, art and poetry. The two sides of the Eugene resident come together this month in Visions & Dreams — Nature & Spirit, an exhibition of Riverwind’s paintings at Tea Chai Té. The colorful art that lines the walls depict much of the social and ecological upheaval that has rocked society in the past two years. There’s a salute to Black Lives Matter, a painting that depicts the push and pull of wearing masks during the pandemic as well as paintings that remind viewers of the fragile threads of Earth in this global warming environment. Riverwind also has had exhibitions at Emerald Art Center, and he currently has unframed art for sale at New Zone Gallery.    

Visions & Dreams — Nature & Spirit, an exhibit by Asante Riverwind, runs through May 30 at Tea Chai Té, 41 W. Broadway.