Stupid Drinking White Boys

On the afternoon of Saturday, May 21, personal business caused me to drive through the corner of 19th and Alder in Eugene. On that corner was a group of college-aged white males, beers and hard liquor in hand. Empties littering the ground around them. They held a sign “Honk and I’ll do a shot.” I heard cars ahead and behind me furiously honking, and as promised — the boys swigged.

I was witnessing the past, present and future. The past: Generations of white privilege and safety nets resulting in the creation of these foolish white boys. The present: Soulless losers without worth or self-respect. The future: Cirrhosis. Self-pity. Anger. Blaming others for their nothingness.

I’ve heard from friends who frequently need to drive by that corner that the honk/drink scenario is a common occurrence. Fascinating. I guess the University of Oregon and Eugene Police Department chose to turn a blind eye. I don’t need a crystal ball to know that if those kids were Black males, they’d be beaten, tazed and thrown in jail, if not outright shot dead for “rioting.” There would be no repeat performance.

I have no hope for this country when I see these fine examples of future “leaders” on the verge of spewing out to the culture at large. There, they will continue to damage and disrespect not just their own bodies, but whatever and whoever else they touch. White “superiority.” Ha!

Ramona Wise


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