Looking Forward to the Rest of the Story

A recent article (“Urban Renewal’s Bountiful Harvest,” 5/19) seemed to offer answers about projects that had been pushed out of the way for the new Farmers Market Pavilion; however, out of the 400-plus lines published I could only find 18 lines (and that was a generous count) that addressed any details about other projects.

You included a few dissenting voices concerning the project itself (bravo), but the article read like an ad for the pavilion and the title suddenly felt clickbaity. I did feel a bit left out, as I am a resident of Eugene, but the life I choose does not lend itself to spending an hour picking out vegetables for a side salad. I did notice in the footnote this is a multi-part series. Are we to learn more about other projects for downtown?

Bonnie MacDonald


Editor’s note: Yes, as indicated in the note at the end of the story you mentioned, there is a part two, with more on the other projects.