Eugene Weekly Community Survey

EW is looking for feedback on our coverage, particularly from underrepresented and minoritized communities

As part of Eugene Weekly’s Community Listening Project, we invite you to share your perspective about journalistic representation in our paper. We seek input both from our loyal readers and specifically also from community members who have not historically seen themselves and what they care about being represented in our newspaper. We care about local journalism and hope to support new voices represented and new media sources.

Your responses are anonymous and will be used to inform future areas of support and resources at the Eugene Weekly and in local journalism.

Respondents from underrepresented and minoritized groups will receive a $5 electronic gift card emailed within 10 days of taking the survey. Please note that the survey takes 15-30 minutes to complete.
Findings from this study will be used to advance reporting and representation and support local journalism.
Your responses to the survey will remain confidential and the research team will only report aggregated data.
At the end of the survey, If you have questions about this survey please contact the research team at ewoutreach@eugeneweekly.comBest Regards,
EW Outreach
Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: Who is conducting the study?
A: Eugene Weekly, a local and woman-owned newspaper, with funding by the Google News Initiative.Q: How will my answers be used?
A: Your answers will be used to better understand how Eugene Weekly can produce and support local journalism and represent communities of color, low income, rural and other underrepresented populations in its pages. We may reach out to you and ask if you are available for a follow-up phone interview.

Q: Who will see my responses?
A: Eugene Weekly staff working on the project and project staff will see the responses. Individual survey data will not be made public. The overall results and statistics from the survey will be shared with the public and GNI.
Q: Will you sell my contact information for marketing purposes?
A: No. Responding will not subject you to any marketing whatsoever.