EW Should Have Endorsed Canning

Some may regard this as old news, but I can’t let the recent midterm primaries pass without expressing my disappointment at Eugene Weekly’s failure to endorse Doyle Canning, the real-deal progressive candidate in Oregon’s 4th Congressional District Democratic primary.

Canning is a mother, an author and a devoted environmental activist whose credentials include a degree from our own University of Oregon School of Law. Her grassroots campaign garnered more than 14,000 votes without the support of Eugene’s free weekly. With redistricting making the 4th more securely Democratic than before, this would have been an ideal time to go bold and support a committed progressive. Instead, you took the safe course and chose the likable and the predictable, the candidate who had paid her dues and waited her turn, who may well prove to be a fine, standard-issue Democratic congresswoman. I wish her success in November but lament your apparently long-lost feistiness and courage. Are timidity and obsequiousness now the order of the day at EW? 

Jeff Cina


Editor’s note: We interview candidates, look at their records and statements — even their tweets — and endorse the person the editorial board agrees is the best candidate.