Prisoners Need Condoms, Too

It has been brought to my attention, and I was wondering if this issue has been brought to the table of important issues in Oregon, that inmates in our prisons and work camps have no access to condoms. I could see that there would be those that would say that by supplying condoms, it would be in turn saying that the state is condoning sexual activity between inmates. Specifically male to male inmates is which I am referring to.

I understand that there would be issues with possible contraband violations, such as misuse, etc. I think the hazards of not making them somehow available in our prisons only is exacerbating the problem of transmission of STDs and then, when released, spreading diseases to partners unknowingly waiting for them at the gates,or any future partners. I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on this issue, or the knowledge of how much this could help or hinder our citizens, inside and out?

Sasha Norris


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