It Was A GOP Coup Attempt

Watching the Jan. 6 hearings verified that it is not a partisan Democratic witch hunt, because all of the witnesses were conservative Republicans from the Trump administration. They all swore under oath that everyone in the White House knew the election was not stolen. Attorney General William Barr and many others told Donald Trump that there was no fraud. Trump coerced many state attorneys general to overturn election results and had 61 lawsuits that were dismissed for lack of evidence.

Finally, he embraced John Eastman’s crazy plan to have the vice president throw out the election because of fake electors. Eastman took the Fifth over a hundred times and asked for a pardon because he knew that plan was illegal and unconstitutional. Eastman has ties to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife, and because of affiliation with the coup, Justice Thomas should retire or be impeached. All of Trump’s lawyers and judges belong to the Federalist Society, which insists on “originalist” legal interpretations, which advocated slavery, genocide of Indians and rights for only rich white men.

Senators Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell initially condemned Trump for the coup on Jan. 6, but soon thereafter they, and all but 12 Republicans, violated their oath to withhold the Constitution. They prostituted any moral values or ethics to spread the big lie, thus becoming complicit in the attempted coup. They deceived Trump’s loyal but gullible followers for power and millions of dollars. All Republicans should be voted out.

Jerry Brule


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