Climate Change Is Compelling

I read the paid advertisement [on climate change 6/23] from Alvin Urquhart with much interest. The only thing of which I was unaware was the timeline he put forth, which is much shorter than I had thought.

I would suggest that on three of the charts you also plot “Global Human Population.” It is not enough to mention overpopulation in passing.

While there are many like Urquhart and I who understand the gravity of the situation, there are so many more that do not. How do you overcome avarice? It seems to be the order of the day. It is a pathetic state of affairs, which requires someone to buy the attention of the media so that the most compelling story in the history of homo sapiens can be published.

Gregg Ferry

Carlsbad, California

Editor’s Note: With the economy in COVID-chaos still, Eugene Weekly is printing fewer pages than we’d like. We welcomed Uruquhart’s paid piece as it both draws attention to climate change and it helps sustain this local newspaper!