Photo by Geoffrey Squier Silver

Food for the Soul

Here are five culinary picks from a veteran Fairgoer

The Oregon Country Fair is a magical gathering from start to finish, offering amazing music and art, some of the best craft vendors in the Pacific Northwest and the best vibes around. But you can’t forgo one of the most magical aspects found on the dusty pathways looping the grounds: the food that fills your belly and your soul. 

While several OCF food booth regulars are taking the year off — Sumo Sushi, Cart de Frisco, Horn of Africa and Dana’s Cheesecake, to name a few — there is no shortage of amazing eats to nourish your body over the weekend. We took a look at five food booths not to be missed at the 2022 gathering: 

 Knish Bliss (Booth M51). An all-vegetarian eatery serving up the perfect sized fried dough balls stuffed with mashed potatoes and your choice of toppings — perfect for a grab and go meal. 

 Sonny’s India House (Booth F4). With Fair family favorite Golden Avatar taking the year off, stop by Sonny’s for your Indian food fix and try the Thripti, basically a burrito with a hot chutney. 

 The Mac (Booth X48). Everyone loves mac and cheese, and The Mac delivers the warm gooey goodness that your whole crew is sure to love. The truffle white cheddar mac has been a favorite in years past.

 Viva Vegetarian Grill (Booth X26). Boosting an all-vegan menu with gluten-free options, Viva has some of the best food at Fair. Their vegan “cheesesteak” sandwich made with cashew cheese is not to be missed — even for the carnivore! 

 White Bird’s Cleveland Chicken (Booth 916). This option is a completely volunteer-run booth with 100 percent of the proceeds going directly to White Bird Clinic. The barbequed chicken absolutely melts in your mouth, and each tasty morsel helps White Bird continue to offer much needed health care services to our community. 

There are so many food options at Fair that we could not possibly cover them all, so we encourage you to meander the Eight (the main loop trail through the Fairgrounds) and see what pops out to you. And if you’re a Fair veteran, our best piece of advice is to try something new this year. You never know what magic is lurking around the corner. Happy Fair!