How About Ranked Choice Voting In The Senate?

The radical Supreme Court justices are originalists. They think that all judicial decisions should be made as the original founders would. The original founders were as divided as we are today, but they agreed that only rich white men should have any rights, Blacks should be sold and Native Americans should be slaughtered. Women were treated as chattel. Is that when MAGA folk think we were great?

I think the Indian nations should take up the mantle of women’s freedom. Because they have autonomy. Indian nations can have casinos, even though the state might outlaw them. Similarly, they could have Planned Parenthood providing maternal care. The same for federal sites.

Will women wanting freedom move to blue states? Will career criminals flock to the red states now that their police and courts are overwhelmed prosecuting pregnant women, their doctors and teachers wanting to teach the truth? Will those states be devastated by pollution now that the EPA can’t regulate?

I can understand why Sens. Joe Manchin and Joe Sinema oppose abolishing the filibuster, because Democrats might need it if the Republicans take over the Senate. Why not change it to the best of three options with ranked choice voting? If a bill or nomination can’t get 60 votes, have the Democrats make one bill, the Republicans another, and an independent panel pick the best ideas of both for a third. Then rank first, second and third choices. The second choice will probably win and be best for the country. Make government work.

Jerry Brule