LTD Should Serve All The Public

Thank you for your eye-opening June 23 story “Oregon22 Transit Relay.” Reading it motivated me to contact Bill Bradley with the transit union to inquire who I should contact at LTD with my concerns.

Then I emailed LTD spokesman Pat Walsh and sent the same email to interim General Manager Mark Johnson. I don’t know whether I’ll receive a direct response from LTD, but I’m now motivated to write to you folks at the Weekly because I haven’t seen any letters (in your print edition) from readers about your story.

Without a car for the entire 20 years I’ve lived in Eugene, and currently as a 64-year old woman who still rides LTD (wearing a mask, though it’s not required), I feel especially concerned for myself as well as other regular riders who depend on LTD. I’m not only referring to the track and field championships, when the buses might be very crowded and not wearing masks.

Public transportation needs to be in the interest of the public, both local and global. LTD is not addressing some of these basic needs, and so I wanted to speak up.

B. Lynne Schwartz