Is It Hot Enough For You Yet?

After another heat dome sits over the Pacific Northwest, combined with the continuation of the abnormal heat waves throughout much of the U.S and western Europe, can anyone deny global heating has arrived full force?

These extremes are but a forerunner of what has yet to come because the U.S. and the rest of the countries on Earth have been unable to enact sufficient programs that address future runaway climate-based disasters. The emission of CO2, methane and nitric oxide gasses has passed the point of no return and will, within a couple of years, exceed the tipping point of Earth’s capacity to reverse climate heating.

It is good and fine to exchange renewable solar and wind energy for fossil fuel based energy. So far, however, renewable energy has largely added to, not substituted for, fossil fuel energy. Very few politicians or even technology-savvy people are willing to recognize the underlying problem — over-consumption of both energy and resources.

Yes, renewable energy may lower global gas emissions; but it can do so only if it does not simply add to overall energy consumption. What politician can advocate “degrowth” or a declining GNP? The emphases of our national dialogue must shift from consumption and growth to planning for life on a degraded Earth and for the social disasters created by a rapidly declining population.

Alvin W. Urquhart