Oregon Asian Celebration

It’s the Year of the Water Tiger, where, says the Oregon Asian Celebration website, Chinese mythology holds that the water element brings out a person’s emotions more than any of the other zodiac elements. People born in that zodiac year (the last was in 1962) are said to have great interpersonal relationships and are family oriented, the Asian Celebration continues. The Oregon Asian Celebration, partnering with the Obon and Taiko Drumming Festival, will showcase folk art, culture, food and music — with a nod to the Water Tiger, helping people find enthusiasm again for themselves and with others as well rediscovering hope in these challenging times with good health, well-being, and where positive social change is possible. You can find that good health and well-being in cultural dances from various Asian and Pacific Islander ethnic groups, along with instrumental music featuring the koto and gamelan. The Obon & Taiko Festival highlights traditional and contemporary Japanese Obon dances honoring the spirits of ancestors and dearly departed loved ones.        

The Asian Festival with the Obon & Taiko Drumming Festival is 10 am to 9 pm Saturday, July 30, at Alton Baker Park. A complete schedule of music and dance events is at AsianCelebration.org. Admission is FREE.

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