Rethink Recycling Plastics

I want to thank Jack Taylor for bringing to light the “public relations scam” and deception regarding plastics recycling (Letters 7/7). By far, there is nothing to rejoice about. Just like the Green New Deal, the petro-chemical industries, in particular, along with Wall Street, have co-opted environmental policies and narratives, and corrupted them with their money. And now to a great degree, the U.S. Supreme Court, primarily on behalf of Charles Koch.

For anyone wanting to further their awareness, or simply validate Taylor’s first-hand knowledge, and how ugly and life-destroying this scam truly is (and insanely profitable for those who don’t give a damn), I’d recommend going online to A simple search for “Plastic Wars” will give you the one-hour Frontline program from March 31, 2020. Rejoice at what you don’t know.

And when it comes to all of the above, and the inevitability of our everyday choices, watching Jeff Gibbs’ 2019 documentary Planet of the Humans is a very uncomfortable must. Gibbs may be glib, yet it’s not about entertainment or trying to use lipstick on a pig sentimentality to ease your discomfort.

Sean Doyle