Phil Knight Should Remember His Roots

Regarding “What should Phil Knight do next?” (Slant, 7/28), thank you for your opinion regarding this issue. I recently attended an event at McDonald Theatre and felt unsafe leaving my car in a disabled parking space. The group of single males in the alley below the Overpark was ominous.

In the ’90s I worked in the old Key Bank Building. I was shocked by the current conditions in the neighborhood. I was considering writing to EW with the exact same opinion you so eloquently expressed. Forbes says Knight is worth $43.5 billion. His fortune has its genesis in Eugene at the University of Oregon. He’s generously donated to the University of Oregon; his family name is dominant on campus. It’s time he gives Eugene the same kind of support. 

BTW, parking is free in the Overpark if you have a credit card. Those who need it the most may be excluded.  

Nyla Jebousek