Beware Of Political ‘Polls’

I’m donating $10 to Val Hoyle, not for anything she’s said or done, but to counter unethical tactics used on behalf of her opponent in the 4th District Congressional race, Alek Skarlatos. I recently responded to a telephone “poll” that seemed neutral at first, but then after asking whether I had “somewhat” or “strongly” positive or negative impressions of Hoyle and Skarlatos, I was asked if I would be somewhat or strongly more or less inclined to vote for Hoyle if I heard — followed by negative statements only slightly more subtle than this one I made up (so don’t believe it): “She wants to tax anyone making under $50,000 a year and use the proceeds to move all sex offenders out of jail to live in your neighborhood.”

No misleading statements about Skarlatos. Now I see Hoyle is endorsed by retiring Peter DeFazio for his Congressional seat and should win easily without my support, but we should all be inspired by Liz Cheney’s example, and not simply stand by the wrong.

Suzanne Shaffer