It’s Not Just Up To The Artist, Suspish

Thank you, Camilla Mortensen, for your update on the goings-on with Suspish (“Suspish Fish Story,” 7/28). Certainly the artist in question has a right to get his/her/their drawings in front of the public. And I’d agree that Eugene Weekly does fine by requesting such art for their building. My concern is over all the other sites that get tagged, and no one is consulted beforehand.

Do artists have the right to decide unilaterally to paint wherever their desires take them? Community property belongs to the community, and we all should be involved in those kinds of decisions. Why doesn’t Suspish join other artists and promote art in the traditional way, via organizations suited towards those purposes? We have wonderful murals in town where the artists are recognized for their community involvement. We don’t need individuals making decisions about art without other voices getting involved.

Lou Caton