What Happened To The Eritreans?

Regarding the recent missing and returned Eritrean track team, no in-depth story has been written on this. I suggest a reporter contact and follow these men to see if they suffer any punishment for what they did.

 The general consensus was that they were trying to defect. We simply don’t know if this is true, or how they were returned. 

 As a citizen of this “free” country I would like to know the following: Did these men try to escape or defect? Did our law enforcement locate them? Will they suffer severe punishment once they return home?

 If the answers to these questions are all “yes,” then this is a travesty of enormous proportions. Their blood would be on our hands. 

 I’m sure there were preparations for this circumstance to begin with. I’m sure the powers that be did not want a stain on the games. If something does happen to these men, think of the stain it would be on our local society. Shame would fall upon us. 

David Dodson


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