Syrett Is A Friend Of Eugene

Claire Syrett, Eugene city councilor Ward 7, works for us. We are so lucky that she is representing Ward 7 and our neighbors who live and work here. Just a quick review of her 10 years of service documents her ability and her commitment to keep the faith with not only those who elected her, but all of us whom she serves.

The silly and expensive recall is not about this good, hardworking woman, who is clearly doing her job and doing it well. The recall is the brainchild of folks who do not believe in planning — they even say that on their websites, “dedicated to the sunset of government planning.”

They do not believe that we need to work together to deal with the problems of our times. They choose to attack her because they do not want to look at the critical problems we face. Keep Syrett working for us. No recall needed here — this is a lady who is a helper and a solid friend of Eugene. 

Kathleen Fitzgerald


Editor’s note: EW received half a dozen similar letters in support of Syrett this week and none in favor of the recall.

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