Proud To Be Part Of Pride

I admit it: I am a senior and I am a recluse. The older I get I find most of what I hear is poppycock and balderdash. Our time is short; let’s not waste it.

 Saturday, August 13, was Eugene Pride Day and, like most public events, I avoid like the plague. It was my 31st wedding anniversary and my wife suggested we go. It was a wonderful experience. Those who attended could not have been more polite or supportive. I heard “please” and “thank yous” and “excuse me”s more there than any previous events I’ve attended. The attitudes were freely shared and sincere.

 We learn everyday. My generations were like old getting together ’cause they could. I got my AIDS test and my free T-shirt. We should walk a mile in their shoes, but walk with them. We can be friends if we want.

George G. Brooks