We’re Staying Home To Save Money

In Slant 8/11, EW writes, “Eugene’s live music scene is active, but we wonder where everyone is?”

Perhaps the problem is with the huge surcharge ticket agencies add to the cost of tickets — often 20 percent or more. This is outrageous, especially since it’s all done by a computer with little or no human involvement. Furthermore, this money goes to companies outside our community.

I didn’t go to the Oregon Country Fair this year as the fees were excessive. I’ve also avoided some concerts for the same reason. I noticed that the McDonald Theatre no longer sells tickets, and you must purchase them from TicketsWest. For example, a $60 ticket will wind up costing you a $6.50 fee and a $3.50 processing fee. This is basically a 16 percent tax that only benefits TicketsWest. 

Brad Stewart