Ceniga Supports Reproductive Extremism

Thanks to a friend bringing it to my attention, I’ve studied Dawn Lesley’s race against Ryan Ceniga, the Jay Bozievich-recruited right winger running for Lane County commissioner position 1. Not to my surprise, I’ve learned Ceniga is allied with the reproductive extremist cadre known as Oregon Right to Life.

Their press release about the primary election names Ceniga as one of their endorsements, though it appears nowhere on his web site. The anti-choice crew likes to keep their profile low in non-partisan races like commissioner but funnel money and volunteers to favored choices.

If you think that offices like local commissions and councils would not interest reproductive extremists, you would be wrong. It’s part of their national strategy to pass a so-called Human Life Amendment and then use the government to force control over women’s bodies. They pulled a solid stunt in East Lane County this past May, taking out Commissioner Joe Berney with the gun-toting wingnut David Loveall, also an ORTL extremist.

Please log on to Dawn Lesley’s campaign and send her money at DawnLesley.org. And if you live in West Lane, be sure to ask the campaign for a lawn sign.

Mike Bonner


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