Syrett Supports Wasting Money On Public Transit

Having only 40 years experience in real estate appraisal, including supervising and appraising right-of-way acquisition for LTD’s Pioneer Parkway, ODOT and Lane County road projects, I certainly do not have the transportation experience of a city councilor who majored in arts, but I can assure the reader that LTD projects are not about the climate, public need, profit or anything that makes practical sense. Their projects are about one thing: your tax money. Your tax money for designers, bus builders, staff, administration and construction contractors.

So when LTD’s River Road project shuts down two lanes of vehicular traffic so that their empty buses can travel freely while we have traffic backed up and idling at the eight stoplights between Santa Clara and their vacant new bus stop on River Road, be sure to write Clair Syrett and thank her for her valuable insight and just forget the emissions, wasted tax money and delays. Either that or send a message by voting to recall a councilor who supports ridiculous and expensive projects. 

Doug Freeman