Good Riddance, Syrett

I honestly don’t know every single detail about Claire Syrett being recalled. I do, however, live in Ward 7. What I am pretty sure of is that the Lane Transit District’s MovingAhead project will do (as usual) more harm than good if it is followed through with. Eugene and LTD constantly deceive us regarding the effects of this or that plan, project, etc. How anyone over the age of 9 can trust city government anymore is a mystery to me.

But the real laugh line, the bone-crushing irony, is her claiming in Slant (9/8), that “They used extreme rhetoric” to get her recalled. This coming from a woman who represents a political party to whom every disagreement must be racially motivated, every issue is a crisis and every crisis is a life or death, end-of-life-as-we-know-it catastrophe.

And how the fu** is it a “Trumpian lie” to show concern, get people motivated, do some legwork and get a career politician recalled? The editor(s) that wrote the piece probably wanted the headline, “Trump and Russian disinformation gets Syrett recalled.”

Brian Palmer


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