Don’t Honor Colonialism

Our democratically elected governor chose to order flags lowered to half staff in honor of Queen Elizabeth. Kate Brown is either completely uneducated or indifferent to the brutality of British colonial rule.

Let’s start on the human level. What makes a person “royal” or deserving to be called “her majesty?” In our country we believe that everyone is created equal. This inbred family refuses to associate with or marry commoners. We believe no person is superior, closer to God, or more deserving than anyone else. Am I wrong?

British colonial rule has not been a cake walk for those facing subjugation. The royal family has stolen trillions of dollars worth of resources and riches from Asia and Africa alone. The Crown Jewels? The museums? It would be one thing if this was a historical past, but it continues today. The queen ruled during the later apartheid years of South Africa. Jamaica is set to file lawsuits for colonial rule. In 1913, one fifth of Earth was under British rule. The remnants are seen in the British Commonwealth of “sovereign” states today. 

 It should be a slap in the face of every Oregonian that our governor is honoring such a fanatically arrogant and barbarous family. We honor the family that murdered millions and enslaved hundreds of thousands? We honor feudalism at its very core?

 Are we next going to lower flags upon the death of King Salman of Saudi Arabia? Tell me what would be the difference?

David Dodson