We Have Given Up On The Environment

In December 2021, I discovered hundreds of pounds of homeless camp garbage, including TVs and couches, immersed in the Willamette River just west of the I-5 bridge which is owned by Union Pacific Railroad. Subsequently, we discovered dozens of abandoned homeless camps in this half-mile stretch of river amounting to several tons of garbage. Union Pacific refuses to remove the tons of garbage along the river banks, which has likely doubled since December. The city of Eugene says their hands are tied. The Willamette River Keepers requested that Oregon DEQ initiate an action. DEQ replied by stating they refuse to take any action.

In another agency debacle since 2018 myself and neighbors have attempted to prevent our neighborhood of Glenwood from becoming a druggy criminal base camp. Within a block of my home two houses became druggy squats when the owner died and unknown persons occupied. Lane County refuses to address the deteriorating situation except to complain that copies of emails were going to our commissioner. The Lane County Sheriff virtually ignores all illegal activities there.

Since 2017, I’ve requested many actions from ODOT, LRAPA, DEQ, state police and U.S. Forest Service to address public safety issues, but nearly all refuse by stating they don’t have the resources to mitigate ongoing and future harms. Why? I’ve concluded Oregon’s Democratic politicians and agency personnel have been completely captured by the wealthy good old boys and are expending all resources appeasing the real estate, timber, paving and trucking industries.

Shannon Wilson