The Principles Of Pot

Wow! Loved the cannabis issue (9/29). Inspired, I propose the Revised Catechism:

Q. What is the chief end of man?

A. To blow your mind, frequently and higher than ever. Your dad’s ’60s pot with a trace 2 percent THC pales before the lovely current 20 percent.

Q. Other positive advances since the ’60s?

A. You bet! It’s legal! In hip Eugene, a pot shop within walking/stumbling distance from your house or tent.

Q. Anything else?

A. For sure! Flower, cartridge, vaping, oil, edibles including weed-infused (kid friendly?) gummies, cakes, chocolates, candies and so much more. 

Q. Clouds in the sky?

A. For sure! Henry Houston’s “Up in Smoke” (EW 9/29) cites heart-breaking problems (“whole cannabis industry is failing”), but otherwise seems optimistic with Sen. Jeff Merkley working the federal beat for help and relief.

Q. Other good news?

A. Always! Teen use of marijuana is at a national and all time high (13 percent). Marlboro acquired 45 percent of one of the world’s largest cannabis companies while Constellation Brands, a major alcohol conglomerate, invested billions in Canopy, another major cannabis company. 

Q. Anything else?

A. That’s a Maui-wowie yes! The local pot shops’ advertising keeps our Eugene Weekly afloat! 

Don McLean


Editor’s note: Actually, due to issues the cannabis industry is facing, our weed advertising has dropped considerably. Feel free to sustain our journalism with weed money or any type of cold hard or electronic cash at