Protest The Murder Of Amini

On Sept. 16, a 22-year-old Kurdish-Iranian woman was beaten to death by morality police in Tehran, Iran. Her crime? A few strands of her hair showed from under her hejab (scarf). Mahsa Amini’s murder sparked a nationwide protest in Iran for democracy and women’s rights. The Islamic government of Iran’s reaction has been harsh and deadly. Hundreds of defenseless protesters have been gunned down, been arrested, tortured and executed since Amini’s death. Meanwhile, here in this country, our media have remained silent. Not even the Oct. 1 demonstrations by millions of Iranians in 156 different countries got coverage from major news outlets!

Recently the Islamic Republic’s security forces surrounded the Sharif Technology University in Tehran, gunning down the hundreds of students who were protesting peacefully. At the same time, we have heard disturbing news out of the White House.

President Joe Biden is planning to send $1 billion to Iran in hope of convincing the mollahs to come to the negotiation table with the U.S. This act will be a grave betrayal of the Iranian people who are facing death for freedom and democracy.

I have been a Democrat since I became naturalized in 1996. In fact, I have never missed an election. But this year might be different for me.

If Biden does not heed to our call to cease negotiating with the illegitimate Islamic Republic of Iran and if he sends financial incentive to Iran, then many Iranian Americans like me will refuse to vote this year because we do not want our tax money to be used to buy bullets to kill my brothers and sisters in Iran.

If you support freedom, please contact the White House and demand an end to negotiation with the government of Iran.

Rebecca DesPrez