Lesley For County Commission

Dawn Lesley for democracy! Lesley will listen and learn from public comment and advocate for public needs.

Democracy is not an urban-rural divide issue. Registered voters casting their ballots in elections are necessary to make representative democracy work. Voting by all voters on every issue is not feasible. A responsive county commissioner will take time to listen to voters’ concerns and evaluate the degree of need. An informed commissioner does background work and talks with knowledgeable people to make fact-based policy decisions.

Freedom is highly valued by Americans. Everyone wants to choose their own health care, including a woman’s right to choose reproductive health services. Lesley will support your health care choices.

Lesley visited with residents of west Lane County and understands their concerns about impacts from climate change, like flooding in coastal communities. As an environmental engineer, she knows what it takes to maintain clean water. She understands how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with practical solutions to save taxpayer money.

Take your time to investigate candidates. Ballots will arrive about three weeks before election day. Read the Voters’ Pamphlet, talk with trusted friends and view forums posted on the internet. An educated voter is the best defender of democracy and freedom.

A vote for Lesley for west Lane County Commissioner on Nov. 8 will make our county healthier, safer and more capable of building thriving communities. Democracy and freedom will thrive.

Carleen Reilly


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