Where Does Wilde Live?

It’s distressing to learn that Marty Wilde is being investigated for potential voter fraud by the Oregon secretary of state (Election Division Case No 22-112). According to an OPB story, he registered to vote at his parents’ address, allowing him the possibility of running for office in that district.

But then he never moved. He continued sending legislative updates from his old address. He then voted in the May 2020 primary from his parents’ address. He didn’t change his voting address back to his real home until after the primary. By casting a ballot from his parents’ address, he allegedly violated 260.695(5) by voting from an address at which he did not reside, hence “vot(ing) in an election knowing the person is not entitled to vote.”

Wilde knows better; he’s an elected official. Obviously, in these times, election integrity is critical! And now Wilde wants to be judge? GMAFB. I think it is fair to say, this has been a topic of discussion among local activists. I looked into this further. That’s another reason why I’m voting for incumbent Judge Beatrice Grace.

Tony Corcoran

Cottage Grove