A Judge For Judge Grace

Lane County should vote to retain Judge Beatrice Grace as Lane County Circuit Court judge. I served on the Lane County Judicial Applicant Review Committee. That committee followed a rigorous process including uniformly interviewing each candidate and checking references before making appointment recommendations to the governor.

I am grateful that the governor appointed Judge Beatrice Grace. In her, the people of Lane County have a judge who gives full-time work for full-time pay. She is smart, capable and successfully presiding over all manner of cases. She is truly committed to the principles that each person is equal in the eyes of the law and that no decision may be made because of a person’s politics, status, or wealth and connections.

She treats every person with respect and dignity. This includes the many people who seek her decision without the benefit of having their own lawyer. Thankfully, Judge Grace approaches her role as a judge with humility, and we need not worry that she will use her position to further her own sense of self-importance. Instead, she has shown that she approaches each case with the mindset of “How can I help?” 

Suzanne Chanti

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