Wilde Is The Most Experienced Choice

Marty Wilde is highly qualified to serve as a Lane County Circuit Court judge. He has 25 years of experience practicing law in all the areas covered by the circuit court. He has acted as prosecutor and defense attorney in private and military practice, in cases involving family law, criminal law, administrative law and the environment, among others. In his long career, he has kept his knowledge and skills sharp through additional training in topics such as family and probate mediation and prevention of domestic violence. He has won awards for leadership in legal offices. He has advanced degrees in medical law and healthcare administration, and is fluent in Spanish.

Wilde was elected to the Oregon House in 2018 as a Democrat representing a mixed district. He served with integrity, holding himself accountable to the full array of values and needs of his constituents, rather than simply adhering to a party line.

The current incumbent judge was appointed in August 2022, after a career in nursing followed by seven years as a lawyer focused on medical malpractice, nursing home abuse and personal injury.

Wilde has the extensive legal experience in many settings that provides the foundation essential for a good judge. He is an independent thinker who knows the law and follows it. Vote for Wilde for circuit court judge.

Thank you for providing this important information to your readers.

Trudie L. Atkinson


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