Wilde Needs A Civics Lesson

The U.S. was built on the foundation of three separate but equal branches of government. Oregon government is supposed to be built upon those same principles. Rep. Marty Wilde seems to have forgotten his basic civics lessons in his bid for Lane County Circuit Court judge.

Wilde has announced as a candidate how he will legislate from the bench, if elected. While you may agree with the stands he proposes to take on matters he would hear, that is completely outside the bounds of judicial integrity, and could disqualify him from hearing those cases. Oregonians are entitled to an impartial judge who bases decisions upon the evidence and the law only. A complaint was filed with the Oregon Judicial Ethics Commission against Wilde for violating these very elementary principles of law and ethics by a local Lane County attorney who recognized this very serious breach of ethical conduct.

When making your choice in this very rare and important judicial race, please consider the parties who will be appearing before the judge who prevails in this election and support the candidate who follows the rules of law and adheres to the judicial code of ethics.

Patricia W. Perlow

Lane County District Attorney