Hoyle, Not Skarlatos, For Congress

As an active parent in my kids’ school and in my community, I believe public schools are critical to the future. I’m voting for Val Hoyle for Congress because she has stuck her neck out and worked hard for schools for two decades. She has literally knocked on so many doors to help pass local school levies. She has worked hard to expand apprenticeship programs. These programs keep kids in schools — and help them find a living wage job in a field they love, such as carpentry or engineering. Val will be a great champion for education and job creation.

On another note, I know that political advertising is not known for its honesty, but Hoyle’s opponent, Alek Skarlatos, has hit a new low with a TV ad implying that former President Barack Obama supports him. That might be the most extreme lie I’ve seen in an Oregon campaign.

Obama himself has objected to it, and pointed out how Skarlatos opposes all of Obama’s major policies, like Obamacare and environmental protection. It gives me another reason to vote for Hoyle and not reward the dishonesty.

Kelly Smith