A Letter To The Editor Of A Newspaper That No Longer Prints Letters

Dear Register-Guard Editor
Michelle Maxwell,

I’m so sorry to hear of your decision to no longer publish an opinion page. I do recognize the difficulties you cite. However, often what’s important is difficult. 

Even though some surveys show less interest in these articles, that shouldn’t be a persuasive criterion. The role of a newspaper requires it to educate the readership, not the reverse. What’s good for you may not always entertain you. 

Your role as a public voice should be to help turn opposition to ideas into excitement about them. Disinformation should not cause newspapers to fold. It should, instead, embolden them to publish more. Professional, talented writers on your opinion staff, need to be supported, not canned. 

Keep RG opinions about local culture vibrant. If it appears to be going stale, introduce new features to revive it. Don’t let the marketplace and uneducated opinion determine this decision. Those factors must be considered but ONLY in relation to other frequently more crucial ones.

Please reconsider your decision. Thank you.

Lou Caton


Editor’s note: Michelle Maxwell has announced that she has taken a voluntary severance from Gannett Co., and her last day as editor of The Register-Guard is Nov. 11.

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