Fill Your Pantry

The summer harvest is in, the cold weather has descended, and it’s time to fill apartments and homes with the thick aroma of fresh soups and stews. Fill Your Pantry, the annual calling to pick up the season’s last vegetables which is put on by the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition, is back with the perfect selections at affordable prices. The coalition’s vision is to secure a sustainable and inclusive food system that makes farms and food businesses ecologically and economically viable so that the lands can support a larger percentage of Lane County’s food needs. “We believe that a strong local food system contributes to the integral health of our entire community,” the coalition’s mission statement reads. The online pre-ordering period has passed, but for the first time in two years, Fill Your Pantry will have in-person shopping on Sunday. The prices are affordable, says Genevieve Schaack, the coalition’s executive director, because the 27 vendors bring their products straight from their farms. “You’ve cut out every single middle man.” Welcome back, Fill Your Pantry.   

The 12th annual Fill Your Pantry, put on by the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition, is 11:30am to 4:30 pm Sunday, Nov. 13, in the agricultural pavilion at the Lane Events Center, 796 W. 13th Ave. Admission is FREE.