Support The River Democracy Act

My partner and I recently hiked the trail beside Tahkenitch Creek through the dunes on the coast between Florence and Reedsport. We were struck by the wealth of flora and fauna, being particularly delighted to see a family of playful otters on the logs in the river. We suspect there were plenty of fish keeping them well fed!

The changes of the seasons will give us a good incentive to return at other times of the year. Visits to the other similar creeks flowing through the dunes on the Oregon coast are also in our plans.

We have since learned that Sen. Ron Wyden’s River Democracy Act will protect the fish, wildlife and vegetation of these unique areas. This will allow future generations to share the experience we enjoyed.

We heartily recommend this hike to other readers and urge them to contact Sen. Wyden to add their own support for the River Democracy Act.

Stephen Fuller-Rowell