A Darwinian Solution: Impeach Biden

I find it interesting that our left-leaning Democrats were so into comparing us to Europe when it came to pushing Obamacare, but are now strangely reluctant to do so when it comes to abortion, voting and immigration policy.

France, for instance draws the line for legal abortions at 15 weeks, the first trimester. Most Western democracies have similar restrictions. Very few nations allow partial birth abortion, and I don’t think we want to be in their club.

France, likewise, has what voting rights radicals like to call a suppressive system: one day of voting, paper ballots, signature and identification required, and the ballots are collected and counted in a 24-hour period. Other European nations have similar voting procedures. All require an ID to vote.

Many nations are experiencing immigration problems, but nothing like on our southern border. The Biden administration has completely abandoned the Constitutional responsibility of the federal government to protect and control our border. Shipping these migrants to New York City and Martha’s Vineyard is an amusing start that should have happened months ago. The states of Texas and Florida, and property owners along the southern border, should sue the federal government for reparations.

Joseph Biden needs to be impeached; he deserves it more than for anything Donald Trump ever did.

Edgar Darwin