Help Us Make Zippo Zip It

On the agenda for the Nov. 21 meeting of the Eugene City Council is “Ord. re Noise Control Regulations for Business and Industry (Public Hearing).” Finally. This is our opportunity to rein in the abuses of Zip-O-Laminator, located on 1st and Seneca, who, with impunity, fire up their planer at 4 am most mornings, emitting an unrelenting drone that is inescapable for miles around.

They do this because this gross abuse is currently allowed in Eugene. Jason Goldberg, Zip-O’s health and safety manager, has made it clear that until they’re obligated to make changes, they will not. 

For two years, those of us in the Bethel and River Road neighborhoods have been lobbying for action to be taken to stop the violations allowed under the city code. We’ve asked Zip-O themselves to voluntarily cease starting up at 4 am, to install sound suppressors, to move, to do something, as what is happening now is a shocking violation of the peace, life-tainting, impacting the health and well-being of thousands of people, animals and birds.

We are attending the city council meeting not just to ensure that Zip-O-Laminators is reined in, but also to make sure other corporate entities aren’t allowed to perpetrate similar violations. This is for the greater good, and if you care, join us in lobbying the city council to expand the noise control ordinances so that no one else has to endure what we have since Zip-O-Laminators moved to Seneca and 1st.

Jennifer E. Sunseri