It’s A Dog-Bite-Dog World At The Park

I have had several alarming situations recently when walking my dogs near home and at local parks. Specifically, at the Amazon small dog park, there is a sign at the entry which clearly states only small dogs, under 25 pounds, are allowed. But not everyone is paying attention. I have encountered people who have entered with their large dogs. When I show them the signed weight limit, their response is that their dog is friendly, and then they become defensive.

Second, I have also encountered numerous dogs off leash at the Acorn Park. When these dogs approach me and my small dogs, I have to be protective, asking for the owners to leash their dogs. Typically, they respond by saying their dog is friendly, thus ignoring the leash law. Yes, their dogs may be friendly — until they are not — and then may attack and kill. I have had that experience.

Recently, a nearby neighbor lost her dog to an aggressive dog while she was simply walking her young dog. It was killed right in front of her. She and her family lost a special pet and are now traumatized. Our city should not tolerate this growing irresponsible behavior and careless attitude.

My message to the city of Eugene: Make more signs to enforce leash laws and enforce all park rules. To all dog owners: Leash and control your dog or you may lose ownership privileges. To run a big dog, take your dog to the big dog parks. But do not endanger others. Please be responsible.

Aviva Suchow


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