Time To Cancel The Register-Guard

Ever since Gannett took over the “local” newspaper, the quality of reporting has gone downhill. I have had a digital subscription for some time now, but have found myself skimming the pages simply because I’ve already read most of the news stories elsewhere. In fact, I’ve only kept my subscription in order to read the letters to the editor, which I favor for two reasons: to get the sense of what my fellow citizens are thinking, and because quite often the people of Eugene, the most highly-educated per capita city in Oregon, have more unique and insightful opinions than the handful of locally based professional editors and commentators.

Recently, The Register-Guard decided to limit the op-ed offerings to three or four times per week. Today, I see they are now cutting them out altogether.

For this reason, as soon as their business office opens today, I will be canceling my subscription. I hope others follow suit.

Bill Smee


Editor’s note: Although the RG is owned by Gannett, its journalists and coverage are still local, and EW believes Lane County needs a daily paper.