Time To Rebudget EPD If It Doesn’t Work More

What is the Eugene Police Department doing? Someone explain to me what they’re actually doing. Because I see traffic violations by the hour, people smoking crack at 10th and Garfield and drug deals right in front of the same house day by day.

What I don’t see them doing is actually solving crimes. Like, I don’t know the shooting at the historic WOW Hall Jan. 14. They seem to have forgotten. You wanna know something? I haven’t.

Every day since, I deal with that day one way or another, I hear sirens and my body goes on high alert, I close my eyes and see all the blood that has just come out of innocent people. I hear a grown man crying because he was seconds away from being shot.

Wanna know who held the tragedy with me? The WOW Hall, having our backs at every step of the way, the community voicing their concerns. You know what EPD did? They begged for more witnesses to come forward to help. Why not lace up the boots and start knocking on doors, instead of crying like the little bastards you are. You choose to serve and protect. If you don’t want to, I will gladly take my tax money back and use that towards some more therapy.

Maggie Morello